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2022 Main Season CSA

at Love & Grit Farm

     Join us this year for our third Community Support Agriculture (CSA) program season here at Love & Grit Farm. 

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

The CSA model is a system to connect the consumer (you!) directly with the food producer (us!) by providing a vehicle to subscribe to our season's harvest. Every week during our growing season (16 weeks) we will harvest a farm "share" for each of our members, available for pickup on the farm.

Some things we LOVE about CSA are:

  • connecting directly with our community

  • sharing the risks of our growing season with those investing in us

  • having the opportunity to support other local farms along the way

Here are all the details on how our CSA works:

1) Our season is divided into two, 8-week parts (Jun-Jul & Sept-Oct). You can register for one or both of our parts during our open registration - but do so quickly, our spots are limited!

2) Each share will include 6-7 large vegetable or fruit items, and all-you-can-cut herbs from our large herb garden. It also includes first dibs at our Harvest Table, which will include additional grown or locally sourced items from local partners at market or below-market prices (chicken eggs, sourdough breads, berries, apples, microgreens, hot peppers, less common fruit & veg varieties, additional leafy greens and salad veg)

3) Each 8-week Part is a cost of $160 ($20/week), which includes 6-7 large vegetable or fruit items which are available here on the farm for pickup on a set day of the week.  

4) A 10% deposit is required to hold your share, and the remaining 90% is due two months prior to the start date (Part I: April 6th due, Part II: July 5th due)

5) All shares will be farm pickup! We will offer two days for pickup - Wednesday late afternoon/early evening (3 hrs) &

Saturday morning (2 hrs)

6) 16 weeks not long enough? We are trialing this season with a later start and an August break to give our farmers extra time to plan and recharge. Weeks outside of our designated CSA windows will still have [limited] delicious grown veg available! Our CSA members will have the ability to grab fresh veg at the farm on our "shoulder" weeks, when available, and as always we encourage everyone to shop their local food markets (WE HAVE TWO WITHIN 5 MILES!) and farmer's markets on those weeks. We hope these breaks will allow us to plan and plant properly to extend our season past October!


We understand that we have community members who may have opted for Delivery if it were available due to schedules, distance, parenting, accessibility / mobility constraints, etc. 


PLEASE CONSIDER COMPLETING THE REGISTRATION FORM and check the box or distribution help. We will work to connect you with other interested CSA members to see if we can couple or group nearby households to share the pickup burden, or partner you with a local volunteer to deliver your share if possible!!!

Love & Grit Farm has an amazing community of folks willing to make this work


We will hold a spot for you until you can determine whether this CSA is a feasible option for your family  

IMG-1399 (1).jpg
IMG-1028 (1).jpg

2022 CSA PART I :

8 Weeks     

Week of June 6th through July 25th

Sample Share, Part I : 8 oz bag of washed mixed lettuce greens, 1 pint mixed cherry tomatoes, 3 cucumbers, 1 large bundle kale, 1 lb carrots w/ greens, 2-3 summer squash

2022 CSA PART II :

8 Weeks     

Week of Sept 5th through Oct 24th

Sample Share, Part II : 8 oz bag of washed spinach, 3-4 slicing tomatoes, butternut squash, 1 large bunch collard greens, 1 medium cabbage, 1 quart varying sweet & bell peppers

*** Here at Love & Grit Farm we pride ourselves in our growing framework which includes the use of only non-synthetic amendments, and a growing knowledge and application of traditional farming practices. We are not certified organic. ****


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